A new four stroke, ultra light weight self priming pump, Quick Prime model QP105SX has been released by Australian Pump Industries. Although the pump weighs only 9.2 kgs, its performance is 90 psi, with a maximum flow of 110 litres per minute.

Aussie Quick Prime model QP105SX is powered by a Honda light weight four stroke, advanced design model GXH50 engine.

The GXH50 engine develops 2.5 HP and represents a high tech approach to engine design.

"Matching the Honda engine to our high performance pump head provides a unique combination of performance and flow" said Aussie Product Manager John Whiteley. "The pump is super versatile and able to perform emergency fire fighting, water transfer or even irrigation duties" he said.

Like all Aussie Quick Prime pumps, the new model has good self priming characteristics, enabling it to self prime from depths of nine metres.

"That means users can draw water from wells or bores from as deep as nine metres, or suck water from creeks or streams where high suction lift is required" he said.

A version of Aussie Quick Prime model QP105SX series has been adopted by the New South Wales Rural Fire Service and is expected to be widely used for both agricultural and industrial or construction applications.

Aussie Quick Prime model QP105SX 's high pressure makes it suitable for a wide range of applications including high pressure machine wash down, spray irrigation and even horticultural spraying, when fitted with the correct seals.

The Aussie Quick Prime QP105SX comes with a heavy duty steel base with anti vibration mounts and a convenient carry handle. Hose coupling and strainer kit is also included as standard equipment.