Mick Master Jetting has just taken delivery of a brand spanking new Aussie King Cobra drain cleaning jetter. The King Cobra boasts 20 litres per minute flow and an enormous high pressure capability of 5000 PSI.

According to Mick Master Jetting, it is the combination of pressure and flow that clears blocked drains fast. The big 24 HP Honda engine gives it loads of power and the full kit from Aussie, makes drain cleaning a breeze.

The Aussie King Cobra is built to Australian Pump Industries ISO9001 quality standard. These include an integrated safety pack. Called ASP (Aussie Safety Protection), the kit includes a safety valve to protect both the machine and the operator from pressure spikes. A thermal dump valve is also incorporated in the system, designed to bypass water out of the pump head when the temperature reaches a predetermined level. The thermal dump valve protects the pump from overheating if the operator inadvertently leaves the machine on bypass for an excessive period of time.

The heart of the system is the Big Berty Bertolini 5000 PSI piston pump. Called the HDS, the Bertolini pump comes with bolt on style valve caps, over size bearings, ceramic pistons, stainless steel purpose built valves and a huge oil filled, finned crankcase that ensures cool running for the crankshaft and con-rods.

The King Cobra system includes a double hose reel system, one for high pressure and one for low pressure hoses. The low pressure hose is the feed hose to the pump and can be coupled to any exterior mains water supply.

The high pressure hose, neatly stored on a Aussie Reel Quick reel, gives the operator up to 60 metres of high pressure jetting hose, which is pre tagged to enable the operator to precisely judge when the hose is being withdrawn from the blocked drain.

Included in the kit, is an Aussie Tool Box kit that includes standard reverse jet style drain cleaning nozzles like the Aussie Negotiator, the Aussie Predator and Aussie Terminator. A unique reverse jet turbo that rotates and pulsates is also included. Called the Aussie Root Mulcher, it is this particular attachment that enables the big King Cobra to chop its way through tree roots with ease.

According to Mick Master Jetting an Aussie Mini Reel, holding up to 60 metres of additional high pressure, light weight sewer cleaning hose is part of Mick’s kit. The Mini Reel means that it can get into remote locations, using the main hose high pressure hose reel of the Ute to gain access, according to Mick Master Jetting. After that, connect the Mini Reel and get up to another 60 metres of drain cleaning capability at the actual drain location.