A new packaged high pressure cleaning system cuts flat surface cleaning water consumption by up to 80%.

The cleaning package, from Australian Pump Industries , manufacturer of high pressure water blasters, consists of a powerful, portable engine drive pressure cleaner and an Aussie Whirl-a-way flat surface cleaner.

Huge water savings are achieved through a combination of utilising the pressure cleaner’s high pressure capacity and the flat surface cleaner’s inherent efficiencies.

The 16” Aussie Whirl-a-way flat surface cleaner has a cleaning speed of up to 15 square metres per minute, enabling operators to get in and clean pavements, car parks, driveways or finish off concrete or stencilcreting chores in record time.

“The Aussie Whirl-a-way does not only get the job done fast, with huge savings in time, water and energy, “said Aussie Pumps Tony Kelly, “but, it provides a streak free finish in record time”.

The 16” Aussie Whirl-a-way is driven by the high pressure energy generated by the Aussie AB22 high pressure water blaster.

The water blaster is a compact lightweight machine that comes with its own robust steel trolley with huge tractor tyres for ease of movement.

The heart of the water blaster system is a Big Berty Bertolini triplex pump that generates 2,000 psi pump pressure or, 3,400 EWP (effective working pressure) when used with a high pressure turbo.

The Big Berty Bertolini triplex piston pumps feature ceramic pistons and is designed for long trouble free life. It is driven by a close coupled Honda 6.5HP petrol engine that provides loads of power.

The kit also includes professional grade high pressure trigger gun, 10 metres of high pressure hose, a stainless steel lance and an integrated detergent injection facility.

“Saving 80% of the water on a cleaning job represents a huge gain and makes this system green and clean,” said Tony Kelly.