Tamworth-based Dennis Cronberger’s DC’s Driveway cleaning service offers New England high pressure cleaning services that are both efficient and environmentally friendly.

Dennis started DC’s Driveway cleaning service six years ago with a small Aussie Eco Clean 3,000 psi engine powdered pressure cleaner.

Since then he has moved on with a gradual evolution of equipment. Today he offers environmentally friendly cleaning services that save water, produce a better cleaning job and use minimal chemicals, detergents or other potential contaminants.

“We started out cleaning driveways and car parks where removing oil stains was the big challenge,” said Dennis.

“Using the original cold water style machines required the use of chemical detergents to lift grease,” he said.

The basis of DC’s clean, green cleaning service is a big Aussie Hydrotek 4,000 psi engine powered steam cleaner. Aussie Hydrotek 4,000 psi engine powered steam cleaner produces 4,000 psi pump pressure and a EWP (effective working pressure) with the Aussie Turbomaster turbo lance of 6,400 psi. Additionally it has a flow rate of 21 litres per minute, providing real velocity to any cleaning task.

“Using a big machine like the 4,000 psi Aussie Hydrotek steam cleaner means that the job is done faster and, consequently reduces water usage, producing huge time savings and achieving minimal disruption to the client,” he said.

The big Hydrotek produces up to 130 degrees centigrade steam enabling it to move oil stains fast without the use of detergents. Steam melts grease allowing it to be flushed away by Aussie Hydrotek steam cleaner’s high performance pressure and flow combination.

Another key advantage of the big Aussie pressure cleaner is its independent engine drive.

A 24hp Honda twin cylinder industrial engine provides power to the high pressure pump and the steam boiler mechanism. That means that DC’s can provide portable steam cleaning power, without using generators or being dependant on mains electrical supply.

Dennis says dialling up the required steam temperature is easy with an infinitely variable range from cold water right through to 130 degrees centigrade steam.

Some jobs, including graffiti removal or household paint stripping, just use hot water to get the job done while others, depending on the complexity of the task (difficulty), use the maximum steam temperature.

DC’s cleaning system also consists of an Aussie Reel Quick high pressure hose reel with 60 metres of high pressure hot water hose. This means Dennis can clean big plant or, can work remotely from the truck mounted machine in difficult to access locations.

Armed with the big Aussie kit Dennis has found that no cleaning task is too difficult when you have the advantages of high pressure water, real impact and portable steam, all wrapped up in one machine.

“The big Aussie Hydrotek is an absolute winner,” he said.

Aussie Hydrotek high pressure cleaning equipment is available from Australian Pump Industries or Aussie Pump distributors throughout Australia.