FURTHER development of the revolutionary Aussie Cobra high pressure drain cleaning jetter has lead to increased sales and international acceptance.

The Aussie Cobra, available from Australian Pump Industries , is a unique Australian development claimed by its manufacturers to be the world's best high pressure drain cleaning machine.

The Aussie Cobra can clear blocked drains within minutes, eliminating the need for backhoes, digging crews and expensive reworking of drainage lines.

The Cobra makes short work of drains blocked by tree roots, chopping its way through with a drain cleaning head called the Turbo Root Mulcher. The Root Mulcher vibrates and rotates as it goes up the pipe, chopping roots out as it goes.

"In a drought tree roots will block drains travelling up to 10 or 20 metres," said Aussie Pumps' Hamish Lorenz.

"The incidence of blocked drains by tree roots is increasing. The Cobra is the ideal plumber's solution to avoid the back breaking work of digging up pipes to locate the blockage.”

The Aussie Cobra produces a whopping 4,000psi and is powered by a Honda 20 horsepower electric start air cooled industrial engine. Its unique compact design enables the machine to operate in hard to access locations.

Each machine is mounted with its own high pressure reel, rated to 5,000psi. The reel incorporates a 60m length of R8 light weight sewer cleaning hose designed specifically for drain clearing applications.

According to Australian Pump Industries, the Cobra is at the absolute forefront of world technology in drain cleaning.

Both plumbers and government departments like the machine because it can double as both a drain cleaner and a very effective super high pressure water blaster.