Australian Pump Industries, a leader in the development of environmentally friendly, high pressure cleaning equipment, has developed a new Clean and Capture system that enables high pressure cleaning equipment to be used without wasting water.

The Clean and Capture system allows the waste water to be collected on site and either recycled through a filter system, or disposed of in a environmentally acceptable manner.

The big leap forward in effective collection is the Aussie Vacu-boom, a robust dam that sucks the waste water up as the cleaning function is carried out. The Vacu-boom is connected to a big 75 litre Aussie Eco-Clean wet / dry vacuum cleaner with an integrated pump out system.

Thus, as the operator uses the pressure cleaner for cleaning the surface, the water flows towards the Vacuboom, which sucks up the waste, allowing it to be transferred efficiently and safely into the vacuum cleaner barrel.

The third step in the process is for the vacuum cleaner to transfer that liquid through its pump out system into a holding tank.

The holding tank can then be either transported off site and disposed of in line with EPA regulations or alternatively, recycled through an Aussie Aquacycle system and re-used on the next job.

The heart of the system is a big 4000 PSI engine driven Aussie pressure cleaner, designed to get the job done fast and with minimum use of water.

“Using 4000 PSI means we don’t need huge flows and can get 90% of even tough jobs done, with only 15 litres per minute of water usage” said Aussie Pumps Product Manager, Hamish Lorenz.

“Using an Aussie Whirl-A-Way for flat surface cleaning as part of the kit, means that the cleaning speed is dramatically enhanced, reducing water consumption proportionately” he said.