Sterling is the latest addition to the range of portable toilets available from Australian Portable Toilet Supplies . Sterling portable toilets feature an integrated vent pipe that it fitted tight against the wall. The pipe is positioned at the highest point on the tank to help remove odours more efficiently.

To facilitate easy cleaning Sterling portable toilets have four large washout points that drain to the sides and rear of the toilet, preventing any water flowing back to the door.

Sterling portable toilets also feature a built in shelf for users to place personal belongings and an easy to operate hand washing unit that has plenty of room for manoeuvre. A foot pump is used to operate the toilet and hand washing unit.

These portable bathrooms have moulded grab handles for lifting and sliding the unit, while the skid can be utilised as a water tank on some cabinets. This enables an extra 62 litres of freshwater for flushing and hand washing. The extra water will also prevent the portable toilet from being blown or pushed over.