Australian Portable Toilet Supplies  provides hand wash stations, which include super twin, tagalong, pro22 and pro12 models. The super twin model comprises two types of hand wash units, either free standing or in unit. Australian Portable Toilet Supplies also offers an extensive range of quality deodorisers, chemical products and fragrances, in addition to its exclusive products like 'one use' packets and bacterial products.

The turbo tabs 2nd gear toilet chemical is perfect for hot summertime temperatures and heavy use. The individually wrapped, water soluble self-mixing action tablet dissolves completely in seconds. The turbo tabs 3rd g ear toilet chemical is a suitable tablet for highest heat and heaviest traffic. Australian Portable Toilet Supplies provides Toi-blocks urinal blocks to add extra deodorising feature to portable restroom service to control summer odours. The product is available in cherry, bubble gum and mulberry fragrance.

Toi-Tabs from Australian Portable Toilet Supplies are ideal for events. The self-dissolving tablets are available in mulberry fragrance. The turbo tubes 1st gear toilet chemical from Australian Portable Toilet Supplies is ideal for events or weekend usage.The turbo tubes 2nd gear toilet chemical is perfect for light to moderate traffic like buses, caravans, etc. Australian Portable Toilet Supplies offers turbo tubes 3rd gear, which is ideal for hot temperature or heavy traffic usage.