Australian Parquet Industries  provides plank floors that are normally constructed from wide board materials. Plank floors are timber floors which can be directly fixed over any level, dry and clean sub floors. Australian Parquet Industries offers direct fixing method where flooring is installed with waterproof polyurethane glue bonding and by nailing systems.

The installation methods are also engineered as a floating floors as per customer requirement. The plank floor that is installed as floating floor is fixed for the purpose of achieving maximum structure borne sound isolation as an acoustical plank floor.

Customers can get plank floors in either pre finished or site finished presentation, depending on the fashion, style and source of the manufacturer. Most of the plank floors come from engineered plank which is manufactured with the advantage of cross directional layers that tend to provide stability to the product. It is also designed in such as way that it prevents cupping and curling of boards.

The acoutical plank floors from Australian Parquet Industries is widely used allover the world where an exact level of intimacy is needed between the floors of adjacent apartments and it increases the floor of choice for 1st floor additions.