Outdoor home improvement company Australian Outdoor Living attributes the increasing demand for outdoor blinds to the growing popularity of year-round outdoor entertaining in Australia.

Having long embraced the ‘alfresco’ concept of home living, Australians are now increasingly turning to outdoor blinds to deliver year-round outdoor entertaining, even on the coldest of winter days.

Australian Outdoor Living (AOL) New South Wales General Manager Michael Sales observes that recent trends suggest the average Australian’s appetite for outdoor entertainment is almost insatiable, with outdoor blinds being preferred to create that cosy and inviting ‘indoor-outdoor’ space ideal for winter.

He explains that winter is no longer synonymous with hibernation or giving up on outdoor entertaining as home improvements can keep the homeowner and their guests warm in comfortable outdoor living spaces.

AOL’s comprehensive range of Australian-made outdoor blinds available in numerous colours, designs and styles, not only keeps the cold, wind and rain out but delivers a room as stylish, comfortable and inviting as the lounge room.

According to Mr Sales, the AOL outdoor blinds range offers options for just about every application, preference and budget. Additionally, being tension blinds, there are no unsightly ropes, pulleys or straps with the tension keeping the blinds taut and allowing them to be configured to any height, without the fear of flapping in the wind.

The outdoor blinds are just as effective in summer, providing protection from the sun and wind, and relief from the glare, making the outdoor space cool, comfortable and perfect for entertainment.

AOL also offers artificial lawns, which are not only aesthetically appealing but also functionally beneficial, given the low maintenance and zero water requirement.

AOL’s artificial lawns are Australian made for Australian conditions, using superior quality materials to deliver a product that unlike imported versions, won’t fade, shrink, shrivel and look worn within a few years. 

Established in 2005, Australian Outdoor Living is a market leader in outdoor lifestyle home improvements, encompassing outdoor blinds, artificial lawns, roller shutters, verandas and pergolas, timber decking and swimming pools.