Australian Native Landscapes  manufactures a wide range of soil and humus conditioners that would suit every specific requirement given by customers. The soil conditioner products can be used as fine composted mulches for those who prefer dark and black mulch.

Soil conditioners from Australian Native Landscapes are used to add organic materials to sandy soils which would improve the water holding capacity in the soil when added to clay soils. These conditioners enhance the drainage as it breaks the clay soils. Soil conditioners has to be applied to a depth of 100mm and then it has to be incorporated to a depth of 200mm, thus it results in giving 50% of organic matters.

As for the humus products from Australian Native Landscapes is ideal for plants belonging to Proteaceae family, to plants like Grevilleas. Humus products suits very well for native plants as these plants cannot tolerate excessive phosphorous. Australian Native Landscapes suggest customers to add Greenlife `Mulch & Compost' for native plants.

Soil conditioners manufactured by Australian Native Landscapes has various benefits including break down of clay soils, it provides slow releasing of organic nutrients, increases the water holding capacity in sandy soils. The soil conditioners also provide micro organisms that are beneficial for a normal healthy plant growth and health of the soil. Soil conditioners preserve fertilizers in the soil and reduce the watering requirement of gardens.