Australian Native Landscapes  has an extensive record of providing a wide range of home garden products and domestic services. Australian Native Landscapes encourages and brings in innovative ideas, technologies and services to horticulture and agriculture industrial sectors.

Australian Native Landscapes are pioneers in using forest residues in building Matilda walking floor semi –trailers for huge material supply and composting bio solids in a large scale of use for both agriculture and horticulture fields.

The various products manufactured and supplied by Australian Native Landscapes are Greenlife, Deco, Nitro-Humus, Organic Clay Breaker, Botany Humus Mix, Planter Box Mix, Premium Garden Mix, Organic Top Dressing, Nitro Garden Mix, Re-Mulch , Pine bark Mini-Nuggets, Pine Bark Nuggets, Native Low "P”, Forest Blend, Peat and Planter Mix, Organic Garden Mix, Nitro-Top, Forest Fines, Redwood Chip, Sunset Gold, Cedar Wood Chip, Cedar Mulch and Hort-Bark.

Australian Native Landscapes provides imported pebbles that are ideal for planter boxes, courtyard areas between pavers and pots. These pebbles assist in retaining moisture to the plants and can also be used at bays. Customers can also choose from the wide range of sandstone and granite products from Australian Native Landscapes for construction purpose.