Australian Native Landscapes  provides pine treated timber for constructions done with timber. The timber provided by Australian Native Landscapes undergoes effective chemical treatment with copper chrome arsenate that would protect the wood for years.

The timbers from Australian Native Landscapes can be used in landscape construction. Australian Native Landscapes provides few tips for customers in choosing timbers for construction purpose. Treated timbers should be exposed to direct contact with food and water elements. Treated timbers are not to be burnt as the gas is hazardous to human health.

The various types of timbers available at Australian Native Landscapes are perfect half rounds, perfect rounds, perfect slabs, perfect wing splits, perfect sleepers, new hardwood sleepers, pegs and stakes and Hessian ties. Australian Native Landscapes also provides miscellaneous products which include sleepers, hardwood peg, hardwood stakes, Ag. Pipe, deck spikes, Hessian ties, geo textile fabrics, builders lime, rapid sets, cements and weed control mat.

Sharon Soars and Pat developed Australian Native Landscapes in providing quality products, effective sales and reliable service to customers from various sectors. At Australian Native Landscapes there are currently over 180 professional staff members working in the interest of a better environment.