It is extremely important to remember that Talon trailer locks from the Australian Lock Company are only to be used when the trailer is in a stationary position. To use the locks when the vehicle is in motion can be very dangerous. With a simple turn of a key, trailer locks will secure your trailer both on and off the stationary vehicle.

The Talon range of trailer locks is secured with BiLock New Generation, an innovative, high security locking system. This BiLock system has been constructed with eight pins. This is two times more pins than most conventional locks. The design also incorporates secondary false holes in each of the pins and two side-bars that mean double the security.

Each trailer lock key is really two different keys operating at the same time in the one lock. This is because the unique dual-bladed key is cut to a different combination before it is formed into its distinctive U shape. The huge number of keying combinations available ensures the long-term integrity of your locking system.

The design of the lock and the key mean that Talon trailer locks are practically impossible to pick. Duplication of keys is limited only to those dealers that have been especially authorised. Only these dealers have the special key cutting and forming equipment to do the work. Authorisation from the customer is also essential for key duplication.

Talon also manufacture:

Hitch locks – put this lock in place onto the back of your vehicle to secure your towing hitch and leave it there whilst driving.

4WD treg locks – suit Treg, Trigg and Orix off-road couplings. Simply slip the treg lock pin into the coupling and attach the BiLock security cylinder onto the machined end. With the turn of a key your vehicle is secured.

AT35 all terrain coupling locks – include a dust cap and O ring to seal the lock cylinder from dust and water.

All Talon lock products, including their range of trailer locks, carry a 12 month guarantee on all stainless steel components and lock cylinders.