After recognising the need for a lock system that resisted picking, impressioning and key duplication back in the 1980s, master locksmith Brian Preddey got out of his bath and went onto develop the U shaped key which could operate with up to 12 tumbler pins and which in turn would activate two sidebars. Brian is still involved in product design and innovation at the Australian Lock Company to this day. The New Generation BiLock range is a credit to his hard work and dedication.

The Australian Lock Company places a lot of emphasis on product research and design. Product diversity and integrity is guaranteed with their combination of specialist expertise, technology and engineering. The Australian Lock Company manufacturers 40 to 60 new BiLock locks a year. Although BiLock forms the core product range at the Australian Lock Company it has also set out to expand its range of locks with a number of new products now on offer to its customers. The Australian Lock Company strives to continually expand its market base both here in Australia and overseas. In fact the company now exports its BiLock high security locking systems to 13 countries.

Locks are manufactured at a large, modern factory in Unanderra which is located 1.5 hours south of Sydney. This plant employs over 70 staff and trained personnel. The plant is one of Australia’s biggest users of specialist lock component machinery which has resulted in an increase in the productivity, accuracy and cost efficiency of their locks. The Australian Lock Company has also over 140 accredited locksmith agents around Australia.

Today a variety of different locking applications use BiLock technology. From padlocks, gaming machine locks and filing cabinet locks just to name but a few. Clients of the Australian Lock Company include Star City Casino, the Royal Children’s Hospital, the University of Sydney, BHP Billiton, the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Qantas Airways, the Sydney Opera House and the Federal Treasury in Canberra.