BiLock from Australian Lock Company has become an integral security feature of thousands of installations throughout Australia and increasingly, worldwide.

The new generation of BiLock has:

  • A patent life to 2019 and the unique quick change interchangeable core to 2017
  • Reliable, precision manufacturing at Australian Lock Company’s modern plant in NSW
  • A proven track record of production and sales stretching almost three decades
  • Pick and impression resistance
  • Cannot be bumped
  • ASIO rating across the range
  • Good compatibility, with a capacity to retrofit most door hardware and master key able, lock applications
  • Versatility with the same lock core fitting most of Australian Lock Company’s lock cylinders
  • Attractive, ergonomic key design offering colour differentiation of 8,500 colour combinations
  • Cost effectiveness for a premium lock product
  • A stylish colour coded, twin bladed key with a moving element to allow access to a 12-pin program of tumbler pins that activate side-bars
  • An extraordinarily shaped, horizontal security rod that must be relocated by the moving element in the key to activate the 13th locking dimension and engage the 12 pins for operation
  • Hidden combinations within the pins to prevent picking
  • A combination of pure function and form, the new generation of BiLock has evolved into a new, fresh, space age look
  • Extensive master keying capabilities to ensure optimal security with 167m possible combinations per key profile
  • A strictly policed and signature-controlled key cutting and supply strategy by authorised BiLock agents only