Australian Lock Company  has expanded its range of padlocks.

The padlock range is naturally all readily integrated into BiLock and Series Six master key systems.

You simply choose the features you require and select from Australian Lock Company’s extensive range of standard and hardened padlocks.

Hardened steel padlocks features:

  • A protective polyurethane cushion which offers protection from other surfaces contacting the padlock
  • Stainless steel or molybdenum shackle which is a super tough alloy steel for added protection in higher risk zones
  • Comes complete with cylinder or without cylinder
  • Has been salt spray tested to 240 hours and passed
  • Marine grade - C6
  • Hardened steel body


  • Perimeter gates and entry/exit points to government owned
  • Vehicles
  • Vending machines
  • Industrial safe-keeping
  • Higher security areas and/or buildings
  • Machine hasps
  • Cargo vans and trucks
  • Car wash equipment
  • Safety lock-out and/or tag-out
  • Storage containers
  • Coin-operated equipment

Australian Lock's ranges of solid brass padlocks are also ideal for use in lock-out and/or tag-out systems.

  • Padlocks can be provided in QCC or standard models
  • Plugs can be stamped numbered by your Australian Lock agent for easy verification
  • Plug numbers can then be recorded for each customer to avoid duplications to site on future orders
  • Over 16.7m combinations possible – more than enough for any lock-out and/or tag-out project
  • Rustproof brass bodies and stainless steel shackles as standard
  • Padlocks can be keyed to your specific keying requirements

Three standard keying options include:

  • Padlocks keyed to differ [KD] - Each padlock is keyed differently, supplied with 2 keys per lock.
  • Padlocks keyed alike [KA] - Each padlock is keyed the same - 1 key will open all padlocks.
  • Padlocks Master Keyed [MK] - Each padlock is keyed differently, supplied with 2 keys per lock.

A master key will override and open any of these padlocks.

Australian Lock Company also has an extensive range of coloured padlocks that offer sturdy, polypropylene, high tensile strength, non-conductive plastic that are designed for the mining sector and others who require lockout and /or tag out applications.

In many cases Australian Lock Company’s plastic padlocks do not need to provide a high degree of security. On the other hand, padlocks that are lightweight make it easier for site maintenance and site service staff to carry the locks they need.

The padlocks are naturally master key able and made from a tough lightweight plastic. The plastic produces a durable, light padlock that is easy to carry and stands up to drops, corrosive environments, moisture and UV.

Australian Lock Company’s plastic padlocks have been tested with over 200,000 cycles and do not absorb moisture and can be easily labelled in a contrasting colour for visual identification and differentiation. Australian Lock Company’s plastic padlocks are also manufactured to be chemical resistant.