Australian Industrial Rope Access  provides materials sampling and testing services, access solutions and advanced rigging services.

Access solutions and advanced rigging service is offered by Australian Industrial Rope Access. The skilled riggers and access technicians from Australian Industrial Rope Access and offers access solution which satisfies client’s requirements. Right from supplying erecting steel Christmas tree to cherry pickers, Australian Industrial Rope Access helps in erecting steel drop scaffolds and safety nets in atrium roofs.

Australian Industrial Rope Access is also engaged in sampling and testing various form materials with help of engineering organisations. Core samples and half cell potential readings are supplied by these engineering organisations. The cover metre survey result is provided to compile full structural report on particular building. Wide range of reports based on carbonation testing, analysis of materials and membrane thickness sample is also provided by Australian Industrial Rope Access.

The façade maintenance services include structural and membrane repairs and provide programmed maintenance of the products. Australian Industrial Rope Access solves access needs and also incorporates them with façade services.