Good Design Australia, the new home of the Australian International Design Awards , has launched the 2011 Design Awards program to recognise excellence in design and innovation across a diverse range of sectors and categories.

Designers, manufacturers and distributors of professionally designed products and services available on the Australian market are all eligible to enter the 2011 program and be in the competition for Australia’s top design award.

Brandon Gien, Managing Director of Good Design Australia, explained, “In an increasingly competitive market, businesses are finding it more challenging to differentiate their products and services and remain competitive. We are seeing more and more businesses understand the value that investment in professional design can bring to their bottom line.”

“Good design results in products, systems or services that are functional, safe, pleasing to the eye, offer a better financial return for their business and have the smallest possible impact on the environment. Companies entering the Design Awards are positioning design at the centre of their business strategy. These businesses understand that good design translates into good business. They are proud to use the recognition through the Design Awards as independent confirmation of this,” says Mr Gien.

Past winners of the Australian International Design Awards include Qantas for the A380 Economy Seat (2009), Hyundai for the i45 luxury 5-seat sedan (2010) and last year’s top prize winner, Howard Wright for the M8 Intensive Care hospital bed (2010). All these companies are driven to succeed by design and have leveraged the recognition from the Design Awards to help differentiate and promote their brands.

Mr Gien went on to explain, “Entries are independently assessed by a panel of Australian and international design experts, leading to high profile media and marketing opportunities, and exposure to a host of promotional opportunities such as networking, widespread print and online publication, local exhibitions and international trade shows.”

Available accolades include:

  • Good Design
  • Design Award | Sustainability
  • Design Award | Best in Category; and
  • Design Award of the Year, the most prestigious accolade in the program
Corresponding trade mark logos are available to differentiate these award-winning products and services for ongoing promotion and point-of-sale advantage.

Oliver Mann, Director of Marketing at Hyundai Motor Company Australia, who attended the 2010 Australian International Design Awards said “I was honoured to accept a Design Award on behalf of Hyundai. We are absolutely delighted with the recognition the judges have awarded our i45 car and hold this in the highest regard.”

The 2011 Australian International Design Awards is now accepting entries across nine categories:

  • Consumer
  • Business and Technology
  • Medical and Scientific
  • Automotive and Transport
  • Sport and Leisure
  • Housing and Building
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Architectural and Interior Products; and
  • Student
The 2011 timetable:

Entry Opens - Fri 4 February 2011
Entry Closes - Thur 31 March 2011
Entry Confirmation - Fri 8 April 2011
Submission Material due - Fri 6 May 2011
Final Round Assessments - Mon 16 to Fri 20 May 2011
Notification of Finalists - Fri 27 May 2011
Awards Presentation Ceremony - Fri 22 July 2011, Melbourne