What is the Australian Institute of Refridgeration, Airconditioning & Heating (AIRAH)?

The ARIAH is a leading specialist Australian membership association, representing more than 10,000 air conditioning, refrigeration, heating and ventilation professionals. It is recognised by both the Australian Government and industry bodies for its expertise across a variety of issues concerning engineering services for built environments.

When was the AIRAH founded?

The AIRAH was formed in 1920, with the mission to provide leadership, promotion, representation and support to the air conditioning, refrigeration, heating and related services industry and membership.

What is the goal of the ARIAH?

ARIAH was established with the aim of encouraging best practice to be followed by industry professionals, through the provision of development, accreditation programmes and resources. In order to fulfil its aims 7 main goals have been set, to provide:

  • professional and ethical standards
  • technical resources and access to knowledge
  • professional development, education and training, and accreditation programs
  • communication to members, industry and stakeholders
  • industry leadership, representation & advocacy
  • local and global peer interaction
  • growth and retention of membership
Is ARIAH affiliated with any other professional associations?

Yes. ARIAH is the official Australian secretariat of the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR). It also has close working relationships or affiliations with:

  • the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR)
  • the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)
  • the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCAus)
Does ARIAH run any events?

Yes. Visit the website to find out more information about seminars, trade nights, conferences and awards events.

Where is the ARIAH located?

The ARIAH is based in Melbourne, Victoria. It also has regional divisions, with an official representative in every state.

How can I contact the ARIAH?

Contact details for regional representatives can be found on the website, along with a variety of useful information and resources. ARIAH actively encourages and welcomes your feedback and queries.

What resources do ARIAH provide?

ARIAH provides a wide range of useful resources to the industry that can be accessed online including:

  • technical resources, such as Refrigerant handling code of practice
  • copies of relevant codes of practice, such as AIRAH Methods of calculating Total Equivalent Warming Impact (TEWI) Best Practice Guideline - Draft Outline 2011
  • online tools, such as noise, energy and sizing calculators
  • a portal to communicate with and get advise from AIRAH accredited specialists
  • access to special technical groups
  • online store for purchasing technical application manuals etc. such as DA08 HVAC&R – An introduction
The ARIAH also publishes:

  • the Ecolibrium journal, which features news, information, interest pieces and peer reviewed technical articles for professionals of the HVAC&R industry;
  • HVAC&R Nation magazine, which is aimed at professionals working with tools, containing useful and practical articles including its popular skills workshop section; and
  • the AIRAH Industry Directory, which is published every January and provides a useful resource to the industry (this publication is also available online)
What training is available from ARIAH?

ARIAH is dedicated to the continuous improvement to the knowledge and education of HVAC&R professionals and offers a range of course with something for everyone, such as designers, installers and operators. The development programme includes:

  • a comprehensive and continuously evolving range of relevant and up to date training courses such as Energy Auditing, Essential Safety Measures and Smoke Control and Fire Dampers. Course information can be found in the annual course guide that can be downloaded from the website;
  • graduate certificates in Mechanical Services, Energy Efficient HVAC Design, and Energy Efficiency for Facilioty Managers; and
  • help towards achieving CPD requirements.
How can I become a member of ARIAH?

Benefits of becoming a member include subscriptions to all 3 ARIAH publications, a copy of the application manual – DA08: An Introduction to HVAC&R, and weekly e-mail newsletters including both AIRAH and industry news (Australian Standards and Government updates).

Membership forms can be filled in and payment made online by visiting the ARIAH website.