The Australian Institute of Building (AIB) has congratulated its New Zealand on celebrating its silver jubilee, marked by a dinner in the Great Hall of the New Zealand Parliament in Wellington. The dinner was attended by AIB national president, Robin Fardoulys and AIB chief executive, Troy Williams.

The New Zealand Institute of Building (NZIOB) was established in 1983, having first existed as an AIB chapter. Like AIB, NZIOB has a commitment to supporting the career development of professional builders.

The concept of an AIB New Zealand chapter was first raised in 1959. The first member to be admitted from New Zealand was Robert Charles Love, who was admitted as an AIB fellow in November 1964, along with thirty eight of his colleagues.

“This sudden intake of members from New Zealand was not due to a spontaneous outbreak of professionalism within New Zealand, but rather the establishment of the New Zealand chapter on 17 November 1964,” said Robin Fardoulys, AIB national president at the dinner.

In the early 1980s, discussions commenced about the formation of the New Zealand Institute of Building and, in 1983, that is exactly what happened.

That NZIOB was formed with the wishes of AIB provided the basis for a strong and enduring relationship between the two organisations.

“Today, the relationship between NZIOB and AIB is as close as it has ever been’” said Robin Fardoulys. This collaboration is providing a number of opportunities for building professionals in New Zealand.

“The decision by the NZIOB council to become a partner in the Australasian Journal of Construction Economics and Building is a good example. New Zealand academics can now publish peer-reviewed research papers in an internationally recognised journal,” Robin Fardoulys said.

Both organisations are cooperating in a range of activities, strengthening the voice of building professionals throughout the region. NZIOB is playing a key role in the establishment of an alliance of building professional institutes in the Asia Pacific, under the umbrella of APEC.

“The ratification of a cooperation agreement between AIB and NZIOB in 2006 has been the basis for a closer relationship. Neither organisation sees the other as a threat, but rather a partner in working towards the collective interests of our membership,” Robin Fardoulys said.

“As AIB and NZIOB face the challenges from an increasingly internationalised construction industry, it is pleasing that both organisations are working operatively” Robin Fardoulys said.