Australian Institute of Building  was incorporated in 1955 and finally granted with a Royal Charter in 1969. Australian Institute of Building was found to support the building professionals, technicians and other associated professionals in teaching, research and building practice around Australia.

A dual-layered structure governs the Australian Institute of Building which offers consultations based on issues retaining to changes regarding technical, commercial and regulatory environment.

The key components of the structure include Australian Institute of Building national council, its board of management and the national committees.

The national council of Australian Institute of Building is responsible for the management of the institute that lies within the council. Other responsibilities of the council include proposed changes to the Royal charter, expulsion of members, acquisitions and disposal of particular property and so on.

The board of management is involved in setting general administrative, monitoring and direction of policies through the general manager and approves scope and formation of national committees. The board of management consists of the Chairman, National Vice Presidents, General Managers and an ex-official member.

The national committee of Australian Institute of Building determines administrative and structure policy for the institute’s relationship with government and industrial stakeholders. The national committee focuses on various issues like courses accreditation, education, external appointments, membership services and award committees.