The Australian Institute of Building (AIB) have welcomed the key findings of Professor Denise Bradley’s review of the Australian higher education sector, saying it provides a framework that addresses the shortage of professionals within the building and construction sector.

According to Troy Williams, Chief Executive, AIB, for some time AIB have been calling for funding to create more undergraduate places in building and construction management. A demand-driven funding system will deliver this outcome as the demand to study these courses far exceeds the number of available places.

According to AIB, the current economic slowdown will only moderate the demand for contract administrators, project managers and other senior building professionals.

Data released last month by the ACIF Construction Forecasting Council showed that the level of activity associated with infrastructure construction will only decline a little over the medium term. AIB does not believe this slow down will be enough to eliminate the current skills shortages.

Prior to the release of the Bradley Report’s recommendations, AIB had been arguing for additional Australian Government funding to increase the number of undergraduate places in building and construction management. Having studied the Bradley Report, AIB believe that this outcome has been secured in the ideal fashion, letting the market decide.

For too long the building and construction industry was told by universities that there was insufficient funding to provide more places. The market-driven approach articulated in the Bradley Report addresses this, as funding will be available to meet demand.

The full ramifications of the Bradley Report insofar of the building and construction industry is concerned will be discussed at the next meeting of the Australian Building and Construction Higher Education Round Table.