Australian Institute of Building  was established in 1951 to support the building professionals, technicians and other associated professionals in teaching, research and building practices around Australia.

Australian Institute of Building provides recognition and excellence for professional builders and play important role in developing a career for each individual building professional.

Australian Institute of Building has had opportunity to work along with the government, the building and construction industry, the education sector and is a related stakeholder in achieving certain objectives.

The objectives of Australian Institute of Building is to create an advanced study of building and all other matters related to arts and science, in exchanging friendly environment among the members of practical, ethical and technical subjects and to promote excellence in building construction.

Australian Institute of Building works with dozens of other universities around Australia to provide under graduate and post graduate training that is useful for managers of next generation. This institute publishes magazines related to construction and is a partner of Australian Journal of Construction Economics and Building. Australian Institute of Building arranges conferences for building professionals. One such conference organised is Construct 2008.