The Australian Institute of Building (AIB) has welcomed the Queensland Government’s changes to resolving payment disputes in the Queensland construction industry.

The Queensland Government consulted with key industry stakeholders and changed the way adjudicators are appointed and the timeframes for responding to large and complex claims. The AIB welcomes these and other changes to the legislation for resolving payment disputes in the construction industry in Queensland.

Mr Jeff Palmer, AIB Queensland Chapter President said that the changes are very worthwhile improvements to the Security of Payment legislation, and the AIB is delighted that the Queensland Government took note of feedback from organisations that recommended these reforms. He added that while Queensland is often thought to have the best systems in Australia in the construction industry, there is always room for improvement and these reforms will help builders as well as the construction industry and the general public.

With the Queensland Building and Construction Commission taking on the role of registering adjudicators and appointing them to cases based on their skills, knowledge and experience, this will provide a fairer and more transparent system where conflicts of interest are minimised.

The AIB Queensland Chapter looks forward to giving further feedback to the State Government on this and other important issues in the Queensland construction industry.