The Australian Institute of Building (AIB) have launched an online survey to obtain industry views on access to, and compliance with, the Building Code of Australia (BCA). The information collected in the survey will be used by the Institute in the preparation of a submission to the current review of the funding model for the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB).

“The views of industry stakeholders are important and this survey allows AIB to ensure that they are properly represented,” said Troy Williams, AIB Chief Executive.

The survey asks a series of questions relating to the cost of accessing the BCA and seeks to identify whether the cost is impeding compliance.

“Various independent and government inquiries have found that the cost of the BCA may be a factor in non-compliance with building codes and standards. This survey will establish if stakeholders within the building and construction industry share this view,” Williams.

AIB are spearheading a national campaign to make the Building Code of Australia (BCA) available online for free. Under the banner of Set The BCA Free, the campaign seeks to highlight problems associated with the fact that the BCA, an important building regulation, is generally only available at a cost.

“AIB believes that charging for the BCA violates an important principle, that the law of the land should be free,” Williams said.

Industry stakeholders are being invited to complete the survey by 31 November 2008.