Australian Inst of Landscape Architects  is a non profit professional institute which was formed to widen the landscape architectural profession around the Australian countries.

The function and role of the Australian Inst of Landscape Architects is to advance the practice of landscape architecture within Australia by informing the allied professions and other communities to contribute their skills to landscape architecture profession. The Australian Inst of Landscape Architects does this by encouraging professionals to achieve excellence in the creation, design and management of environment.

Other functions include advocating the professional interest of members in decision making in both public and private sectors and provide the members with a range of forms to exchange their ideas, information and opinions.

The Continuing Professional Development Program (CPD) was a scheme initiated by Australian Inst of Landscape Architects to encourage all its members for taking part in an ongoing program of self-education which broadens their knowledge skills relating to the Landscape Architecture profession.

All members of Australian Inst of Landscape Architects were encouraged to maintain their individual CPD Program. The CPD Program was made compulsory for registered landscape architects. The CPD Program was conducted based on a system of points allotted to hours of CPD activity undertaken.