Australian Inspection Logistics , specialist in occupational health & safety for personal, plant and machinery, offers a comprehensive range of mobile crane inspection services Australia-wide that meet all requirements of the manufacturing industry, Australian Standards and Goverment Acts and Regulations.

The majority of mobile crane inspections offered by Australian Inspection Logistics can be conducted on-site, although some may need to be conducted at the company’s workshop.

The following are some of the inspection services available: 

  • Design registration services
  • Plant Registration services
  • Modifications to original design
  • Annual Inspections
  • Q.L.D. 10 year major inspections, 10 and 25 year inspections: cranes that have reached the end of their design life or, inspections on 25 years for structure and 10 years for mechanical components
  • Load Testing services: Australian Inspection Logistics conducts load testing on Mobile Cranes, this can be combine with Annual Inspections or as separate inspections
  • LMS Computer Calibration: this is a mandatory requirement for all mobile cranes fitted with a computer
  • Sound Level Testing of Mobile Cranes: these testing services confirm that cranes are still within the range specified by the manufacturer and by the Australian Standards.