Australian Innovative Systems  offers a wide range of products which include upgrade kits, replacements cells and parts and anode material.

Upgrade kits are further classified into various types which include upgrade kit E cell, upgrade kit with 20 amperes reverse polarity cell, upgrade kit K, S, P cells are made from solid plate electrodes, housing, thread lock cap and cell lead connector set.

The CELLRP100T model from replacement cells is a cell reverse polarity with bi polar which suits RP92 chlorinators. CELL RP-15, 20, 25 and 35 reverse polarity is 15 ampere solid plate with thread lock cap and push on connectors.

Other replacement cell models include CELL F type 50, CELL K type and CELL P type amperes with solid plate electrodes, thread lock caps and push on connectors.

Replacement parts include AC PCB Control board, wiring harness and connector, AC printed circuit boards, AC printed circuit board with reverse polarity, AC-15 transformer 15 ampere 240 volt, AC 35 transformer 35 ampere 240 volt, AC 25 transformer 25 ampere 240 volt, etc.

Anode materials from Australian Innovative Systems can be self cleaned with reverse polarity and have a life period of 45,000 hours.