Australian Innovative Systems  was originally established in 1977 manufacturing a wide range of quality chlorine generators, salt chlorinators and active anode material for the chlor alkali industries. In 1992, Australian Innovative Systems ownership changed to the current owners who invested heavily into the research and development of the Autochlor equipment and associated technologies.

Later, Australian Innovative Systems expanded operations from dealing with local, to national then into the international arena. The work carried out by Australian Innovative Systems is entirely focussed on making high quality sanitation equipment to suit any application. From small domestic up to commercial and resort pools, right up to some of the largest water parks in the world. All such pools benefit by using an Autochlor salt sanitation system.

Autochlor salt-water chlorinators come with the option of using the reduced maintenance reverse polarity electrolytic cells to significantly reduce maintenance times and costs. Only the most sophisticated and reliable technologies are employed to produce the high quality Autochlor cells. All original Autochlor cells are constructed using only Grade 1 Titanium solid plate for the cathode and the famous AIS Anode Material used for the solid plate coated anode.

The new generation of bi-polar cells were developed to improve the ratio of chlorine generation to power consumption using a compact cell design. The power consumption needed for producing chlorine was significantly decreased by utilising these true bi-polar cell technologies. Switch mode power supplies (SMPS) are used in all Autochlor commercial salt chlorinators and also in the SM domestic range. The R&D team have adapted the SMPS technology to improve the life of cells and to improve energy efficiency.