Australian Innovative Systems  offers AUTO CHLOR, a salt chlorination system which makes pool water free from crystals and harsh chemicals. The quality of pool water is improved by the use of AUTO CHLOR salt chlorination system providing harmless salt free water.

AUTO CHLOR salt chlorination system is economical. Only the electrodes require cleaning and no chlorine is required. AUTO CHLOR salt chlorination system acts as a natural antiseptic preventing dry skin and less damage to hair. AUTO CHLOR salt chlorination system is convenient for use, is eco-friendly and decreases pollution caused in rivers. It also removes risk of explosion.

Some of features of AUTO CHLOR include easy installation with switch mode models, efficient than conventional chlorinators, minimum amount of heat is absorbed when the power is supplied, life of cell increases, resistant to corrosion, can be operated easily, cell plates are made from superior anode coatings.

AUTO CHLOR system has its own advantages over other technologies which include low cost, friendly to the environment, the percentage of chemicals stored is very less, Auto chlor systems are safe, and water present in the pools are sterilized and free from chemical additives.

AUTO CHLOR offers various types of commercial and domestic salt chlorination system models.