Australian Hardwood Stake  Company supplies wide range of environmental products. The environmental products supplied include terrastop-geofabric, tree guards, builders shroud, tree guard mats and weed control mats.

Tree guards from Australian Hardwood Stake Company are designed to protect small trees by establishing strong root base. The tree guards placed are allowed to withstand until the height of tree reaches to 1.5 metre.

One such type of tree guard supplied by Australian Hardwood Stake Company is the premium tree guard with a life span of 18 months to 2 years and is stabilised using UV rays. These tree guards are made from low dense green plastic materials and sold in a box of five hundred and sizes available are 450 x 340 millimetres.

Tree guard mats are supplied in three forms such as jute mat squares, mulch mat squares and recycled paper mats. Jute mats are biodegradable and an organic weed deterrent which increases the moisture content in soils.

Recycled paper mats consist of a centre hole for the plant and three holes for the bamboo stakes. Water is directly applied to the plant through raised outer edge and other six depressions present.

Weed control mats are installed easily and contains a non-chemical solution to control the weed. The air circulated prevents mould and weed rots and reduces the required attention on garden beds. The builders shroud protects the environment from dust and debris and acts a wind barrier.