Australian Graphic Supplies  provide quality display hardware including banner display stands, ceiling graphic displays, rotating lightbox displays, panelmounts A-series and snap-lock aluminium poster frames, suitable for various applications. Customers can find a range of banner display stands such as the VIZION 777 MK2 outdoor display stand, electronic scrolling banner stand (840 x 1200 millimetres), VIZION 485 single-sided economy retractable banner, VIZION 5 metre outdoor flagpole banner stand with water-filled base and VIZION deluxe retractable banner stand, measuring 840 millimetres x 2 metres.

A few ceiling graphic display units, provided by Australian Graphic Supplies, include mini tri-rama A4 with three sided ceiling display, Quad rama A3 ceiling display kit and standard tri-rama A3 ceiling display kit. The mini tri-rama A4 with three sided ceiling display is designed for indoor ceiling signs. It is lightweight, printed using either laser or inkjet on paper or polypropylene display units. It can be easily assembled in minutes and hung from the ceiling with a fishing line.

The Quad-rama ceiling display kit, provided by Australian Graphic Supplies, is designed for lightweight, indoor ceiling signs. With this kit, images can be laminated and then punched to corner holes. Finished graphics can be easily clipped onto the frame, forming a boxed graphic. This can be hung from the ceiling.