Australian Graphic Supplies  provide a unique range of computer-cut films, including blackboard vinyl, coburn heavy metal films and varieties of ORACAL vinyl products to suit various needs. The different types of coburn heavy metal films from Australian Graphic Supplies include coburn series 7901 durable brite overall silver vinyl, coburn TMP brushed silver cast vinyl, coburn TMP carbon fibre cast vinyl, coburn TMP checkerpalte cast vinyl, coburn TMP mirror smooth silver gold cast vinyl and coburn TMP hammered leaf gold silver cast vinyl.

ORACAL products are further classified into different cast vinyl products like the ORACAL 351-001 single-sided chrome PET, ORACAL 351-911 double-sided gold PET, ORACAL 8500 translucent vinyl and ORACAL studio cast colours. Customers can visit the official website of Australian Graphic Supplies to view a detailed description of the computer-cut films. Customers can also buy the products through the online service of the company.

Other products provided by Australian Graphic Supplies are categorised into adhesive tapes, aqueous inkjet media, laminating supplies, POS hardware, screenprinting films, solvent inkjet media, thermal transfer supplies, inks for digital printing, KD mounting systems and equipment sales. Australian Graphic Supplies are recognised for their customer-driven organisation, offering friendly and reliable technical support and service.