Custom laminated glass balustrades were supplied by Australian Glass Group for installation at Mirvac Group’s Head Office in Sydney. AGG was engaged by Arden Architectural Staircases to supply balustrades made from 17.52mm low iron toughened PVB custom laminate glass; the balustrades not only had to be compliant with the balustrading standard AS1428, but also had to be delivered within a very tight timeline. The project needed to be handed over within this timeline with minimum disruptions, while addressing Mirvac’s safety concerns.

AGG recommended custom laminated glass consisting of low iron toughened PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral) laminate. Custom laminated glass is a Grade A safety glass featuring an interlayer inserted between two or more panes of glass, which are then bonded together by heat and pressure to create a durable, high performance glazing material tailored to meet specific requirements. This PVB interlayer does not impact the transparency of the glass. Additionally, the bond and the interlayer, which holds the glass panes together, keep the laminated glass safe in the event of breakage.

The dimensional accuracy of the product also matched Arden’s requirements, allowing them to maintain the handover date.

AGG’s custom laminate glass offers strong bonding, optical clarity, toughness and flexibility, making it ideal for balustrades.