Australian Glass Group recommended Insulglass Clear double glazing for the large windows at a new holiday home in St Andrews, VIC.

Homeowner Anne Dutton, who lives in St Kilda, had recently built a holiday house on the St Andrews coast in a contemporary style, complete with floor-to-ceiling windows. AGG suggested Insulglass Clear to provide greater glazing capacity as well as make a significant difference in comfort and energy savings.

Australian Glass Group (AGG) also took the opportunity to interview Anne Dutton (AD) for an everyday perspective on how Insulglass Select had made a difference to her new home.

AGG: Your current home in St Kilda is not double glazed, so what made you choose double glazing in your holiday home?

AD: It was suggested to us that double glazing is the way to go and you think OK, it’s the way to go. It’s better for heating and keeping the place cool in summer but I really never realised how good it was going to be until I had it. So of course now with this house (in St Kilda) I am really frustrated and disappointed because I can feel the difference.

AGG: How does double glazing make the difference?

AD: I look at these windows (in St Kilda) and think what a waste; I wish I had double glazing. You put the heating on at the holiday house and you reach the temperature you want in 10 minutes and then it stays off because the house holds its heat… the temperature rarely alters.