Australian Gardens & Driveways  Design, founded in 1980 by Nick Florio, offers driveway topping stabilisers delivering crushed and natural rock stones.

Revolutionary stabiliser mix is a newly designed product offered by Australian Gardens & Driveways Design which acts as an alternative for the traditional materials used while making natural looking driveways.

The benefit of using the revolutionary stabiliser mix is that it provides toppings and asphalts reducing the cost and sets faster and harder than the concrete material. It is noted that cheap, good looking, less labour intensive driveways are required in the market place. Revolutionary stabiliser mix from Australian Garden & Driveways Design can hold materials that weigh ten times more than other materials.

The revolutionary mixture adjusts well with the slopes and is formulated to suit any kind of driveway and garden design requirements. Landscaping design service is also provided at Australian Gardens & Driveways Design.

Banyule City Council has appreciated the work carried out by Australian Gardens & Driveways Design which includes sealing works at the entrance and at car parking areas around yarra swim school.