The high degree of consistency between Australian Standard for chain of custody of forest products (recently published as AS4707: 2014) or the PEFC chain of custody (PEFC ST 2002:2013) allows Australian companies in the wood and paper products supply chain to be certified to either standard.

With over 10,000 PEFC Chain of custody certificates issued worldwide, the PEFC Chain of custody standard is widely applied by certified companies as well as certification bodies and their auditors on a daily basis.

PEFC Chain of custody training is therefore, provided to these companies, certification bodies, auditors and accreditation bodies to ensure they are updated on changes to the standard and on interpretation and explanation of specific requirements.

The training enables them to consistently apply the chain of custody requirements in daily practice, and allows PEFC to exchange experiences and receive valuable feedback on the implementation of the standard.

PEFC has recently announced a schedule of its upcoming chain of custody training activities. Australian Forestry Standard hopes to conduct chain of custody training in association with PEFC in early 2015.