Results from the first PEFC Global Consumer Survey has revealed that the Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) is the most trusted certification label in the paper and wood products sector in Australia.

That consumers trust certification labels and expect companies to label sustainably produced products is the primary message from the PEFC Global Consumer Survey with 81% of consumers across the world wanting companies sourcing certified material from sustainably managed forests to use certification labels; in Australia, 76% of consumers sought certification.

Among the most trusted certification labels in the paper and wood products sector in Australia, the AFS logo leads with 36.5%, followed by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) (27.4%) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification PEFC (27.2%).

In terms of recognition, the AFS logo has an awareness rating of 33.3% followed by the FSC (17.7%) and PEFC (12%).

However, the Australian wood products and paper industry will need to invest more effort in creating better awareness about certification schemes, given that approximately half of those surveyed in the country were unsure about certification labels and only 19% actively looked for a certification label before making purchasing decisions.