A major international workshop on forest certification in Beijing, China, 16-17 September has focussed on the important role of PEFC certification in improving the management of the World's forests. Representatives from Japan, Canada, Finland, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, PEFC International, the International Tropical Timber Organisation and some one hundred Chinese stakeholders participated in the workshop. The diversity of international interest was driven by the fundamental role China plays as an importer of wood fibre and an exporter of wood and paper products.

The workshop celebrated the recent endorsement of the China Forest Certification Scheme by PEFC which represents a significant milestone for safeguarding global forests. Through the Chinese Forest Certification Council, China will actively promote both forest management and chain of custody certification. AFS Ltd National Secretary, Richard Stanton, presented an overview of the Australian Forest Certification Scheme at the Workshop and highlighted the role that certified Australian forest managers and wood and paper products manufacturers can play in meeting the increasing Chinese demand for PEFC certified wood fibre and products.