Australian Flood Company  presents a new solution to achieve a fresh new look in the bathroom in three easy steps.

Renovating bathrooms by replacing tired or dated ceramic tiles and cabinetry is not only a costly exercise but also highly inconvenient.

Australian Flood Company has introduced a new generation tile and laminate paint that allows renovators to re-colour ceramic tiles in a fraction of the time taken using traditional tile paints, complete with an excellent, high gloss, hard wearing finish.

Developed and manufactured in Australia by the Australian Flood Company, the new tile paint is available in 54 colours plus crisp white. Requiring no primer (unlike other tile and laminate paints) and only two top coats, this product innovation takes less time and costs less money for the user than traditional tile and laminate paints.

Just three easy steps

The simple application process can even be executed by amateur DIY-ers. The tiles, or laminate, should first be cleaned with Flood Tile & Laminate Cleaner to remove any grime, grease or soap residues. The surface should then be thoroughly scuffed using 180-220 sandpaper, providing a base for the paint to adhere to, and all dust should be removed with clean water. Any mould, if present can be removed with Flood Mould Action.

After drying the surface, the Flood Tile & Laminate Paint can be applied by brush, or roller for larger areas. The paint will be touch dry in four hours. After 24 hours the surface is lightly sanded with 600 grit sandpaper and a second coat applied. Maximum hardness is achieved after three days.

The Flood Tile & Laminate paint combines anti-mould inhibitors with the latest polymer technology to ensure excellent adherence to smooth, high gloss surfaces. The paint will continue to deliver mould resistance in the shower and other wet areas as well as in-built resistance to scuffing and water.

The colour palette of 54 hues plus white allows design flexibility in terms of adding eye-catching detail to the bathroom such as borders or matching tile colour to the laminate or melamine cabinetry.

Flood Tile & Laminate Paint is available nationally from Masters, Mitre 10, Paint Place and 3D plus other independent paint specialists. A very handy Tile & Laminate Paint Kit is also available containing one litre of paint in the customer’s colour choice, 750ml Tile & Laminate Cleaner, paint roller and tray plus sanding block.