A new range of fluoro paints from Australian Flood Company eliminates the guesswork and mess involved in DIY projects.

HandyCan is a collection of six beautiful fluoro shades that add a glowing dash of colour to DIY projects such as furniture, shelving and photo frames, and can be used on virtually any surface, inside and out.

The acrylic polymer base of HandyCan paints ensures excellent working properties; the paints are water washable when still wet allowing even children to use them without any risk of accidents.

The water-based HandyCan Glo paints are suitable for use on surfaces inside the home and outdoors, offering superior adhesion to virtually any surface. The attractive fluoro colours help completely transform side tables and stools in outdoor rooms or storage and shelves in a child’s bedroom with bright and beautiful finishes.

HandyCan Glo paints are packaged innovatively for user-friendly painting in clear plastic screw-top jars for instant visibility of paint colour. The screw top lids mean no more messy drips and dribbles plus a perfectly sealed container between uses. Packed in 100ml, 200ml and 350ml cans, the HandyCan Glo collection is available in a choice of six colours: orange, pink, red, blue, yellow and green.

HandyCan Glo is available nationally from most leading paint and hardware stores.