Australian Flag Makers  provides table flags and car flag poles. The flags from Australian Flag Makers are ideal for clubs, schools, businesses, corporate sectors, elections, retail sectors, promotional events, sport events and government departments. The table flags from Australian Flag Makers are made from polyester materials. Table flags are available in sizes ranging from 4 by 6 inches and the image on the flag is either digital or screen-printed.

There are four types of stands available to place these flags. The stands include stainless steel base and top, stainless steel with two flags, plastic stand with gold base and top and brass base and top. The car flag poles from Australian Flag Makers come in three types. Car flag poles come in sizes including 43cm flexible Pole, 50cm 2 set car flag pole and 50cm stiff car flag pole. The 43 cm flexible car flag poles are made for frequent applications and bends without braking.

The 50 cm two set car flag poles from Australian Flag Makers are strong and stiff. It can be used as car flags and as hand poles when the flag detaches and turns to anti clock wise directions. This car flag withstands speed up to 60-kilo metres per hour.