Australian Exhibition Services  conduct exhibitions for a diverse range of industries. These exhibitions are conducted for industries such as building and construction industry, fitness industry, health and wellness industry, beverage and hospitality, franchising and personal investment, manufacturing industry, security, retail and information technology industry. Australian Exhibition Services stage these exhibitions in a definitive and systematic procedure. These exhibitions include various events that drive the attention of a large number of people. Exhibitions conducted by Australian Exhibition Services are generally categorised in different categories. These categories include food and beverage, fitness, hotel and restaurant, investment and franchising, retail and information technology, security and manufacturing technology.

Australian Exhibition Services manage about 30 major exhibitions on a yearly basis. These exhibitions enable the business to flourish by increasing the profits. The client would get connected to various customers in a single location. Exhibitions prove an effective tool for marketing different types of products. Exhibitions conducted by Australian Exhibition Services would incorporate about 1000 different businesses. These exhibitions are attended by about five million people.