Australian Engraving is a Melbourne based company involved in photo etching and engraving. Australian Engraving specialises in high signs, quality plaques, name plates and various other products. Australian Engraving engraves inscriptions, photos and designs with high resolution etching process, ensuring the reproduction of even characters and small dots. Australian Engraving also offers to reproduce clients’ artwork.

The gamut of services offered by Australian Engraving includes consultancy, designing, manufacturing, installation, on-site engraving and refurbishment to name a few. Australian Engraving products are the perfect everlasting record for identification, memorial, commemoration, building id, pet memorial, historical letter boxes and many more.

The range of customers served by Australian Engraving include architects, landscape architects, government departments, hospitals, schools, builders, shop fitters, trade, toolmakers and manufacturers. Australian Engraving engraves customer supplied products and fabricated pieces such as electrical panels, letter boxes, industrial safety enclosures and machine control panels.

The products crafted by Australian Engraving uses a wide variety of materials including brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel, aluminium, glass ceramic, granite, marble, glazed tile and many more.

Some of the product finish from Australian Engraving includes glazed tile, textured glass, photo etched stainless steel sign, captain lock, toughened glass, debossed ceramic, textured tile and even more.