Australian Disabled Access Consultants specialise in assisting architects, building designers, landscapers, property developers, construction companies and even civil and government agencies requiring advice on providing disabled and mobility access within their projects that complies with the current guidelines.

One service provided by Australian Disabled Access Consultants is accessibility assessment reports. These are technical reports are carried out to assess and certify that a project’s design plans comply with the disability access and mobility design guidelines. Australian Disabled Access Consultants can also certify and stamp a project's design to say that it is compliant.

Australian Disabled Access Consultants also carry out disabled access building audits to assess whether the project complies with the disability access and mobility aspects of the approved plans, and identify any work required to be carried out to achieve that compliance. A formal report is supplied with this service.

Australian Disabled Access Consultants are also on hand to formulate disability action plans. These are plans drawn up in the design phase of a construction or development project that put together plans to eliminate physical barriers within the environment to make the building compliant with all disability access and mobility guidelines.