The Australian Government’s Report on the National Inquiry report into disability and employment was tabled in Federal Parliament in February 2006. Commissioner Graeme Innes of the Australian Human Rights Commission observed that all levels of government “must work together to create a level playing field for people with a disability in employment”.

The many recommendations within the report were applauded by Australian Disabled Access Consultants and included: 

  • Improved transition-to-work schemes for disabled people in the tertiary, secondary and vocational education sectors. 
  • Improved public sector and government funded information, recruitment and employment support services. 
  • Increased recruitment and retention of disabled people in the public sector.

Australian Disabled Access Consultants fully supports the AHRC and congratulates the Australian Government for agreeing to set up a one-stop shop to offer a central information point for disabled people and employers. Australian Disabled Access Consultants also agrees that all governments must provide public sector employment practises and clear strategies to address employers concerns for costs and risks associated with disabled employees.

Australian Disabled Access Consultants commented, “Australian Disabled Access Consultants is of the opinion that building owners and restaurant and café proprietors and managers should give disabled people priority of employment to carry out work within their abilities and carry out regular disabled access building audit inspections to ensure that disabled access and related facilities are permanently provided for their premises at all times.”

Architects, building designers, builders and property developers interested in taking advantage of access consultancy services are invited to contact Australian Disabled Access Consultants.