Cardno Stanwill, Consulting Engineers and the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority have appointed Australian Disabled Access Consultants to provide disability access design advice for the proposed upgrade of traffic control signals and civil engineering works at a street intersection.  

The upgrade is proposed on the intersection of the existing Griffiths Street and Turton Street at Lambton in Newcastle.  

Key components of the street intersection upgrade work: 

  • Signalised pedestrian crossings across the Turton Road (north) and Griffiths Road (east) approaches
  • Reconstruction of the 1.5m wide cycle lane on southbound Turton Road carriageway with a new kerb and pavement
  • Reconstruction of the north-west, north-east and south-east corners of the intersection slip lanes with high angle approaches and unsignalised marked pedestrian crossings (zebra crossings) 
  • Reconstruction of the south-west slip lane with a high angle approach, double left turn and signalised pedestrian crossing

Disability design advice from Australian Disabled Access Consultants will address compliance with the Disabilities Discrimination Act 1992 and Australian Standards AS1428.1–2009, AS1428.2–1992 and AS1428.4.1–2009 guidelines for: 

  • Footpaths, kerb ramps and hand rails
  • Tactile ground surface indicators and rail tactile indicators
  • Continuous safe paths of travel within the intersection
  • Pedestrian road crossings and line marking
  • Median strips and pedestrian safety islands
  • Traffic control lights, pulsing and audio signalling devices
  • Lighting illumination
  • Electric light poles
  • Street and crossing signs
  • Street furniture
  • Signage

Disability design advice and disability access assessments are provided by Australian Disabled Access Consultants for diverse commercial environments.