Australian Disabled Access Consultants  was recently invited by Platt Consultants, Architects of Darwin to provide disabled access consultancy services for the Alice Springs Acacia Hill Special Needs School building improvement and expansion program.

Australian Disabled Access Consultants assisted with the master planning and design brief for the Acacia Hill Special Needs School facility including:

  • Project design advice for the overall site layout and master planning design 
  • Site inspection and project design master planning meetings 
  • Consultations with the school management, the Northern Territory Department of Construction and Infrastructure and community stakeholders 
  • Assessing the master planning design drawings 
  • Disability access design advice and assessment reports 
  • Assisting the project designer to develop the Design Brief
The disabled access guidelines to be applied to assist with the Architect’s with the Acacia Hill Special Needs School project school design include:

  1. Parts D3 and F2 of the Building Code of Australia 
  2. Northern Territory Government school building design guidelines for people with disabilities for buildings and outdoor areas 
  3. Australian Human Rights Commission Advisory Notes on Access to Premises 
  4. Australian Disability Standards for Education 2005 standards 
  5. Australian Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport 2002 
  6. Draft Disabilities (Access to Premises) Standards 2010 
  7. Australian Standards