Australian Disabled Access Consultants  recently supplied disabled and wheelchair access design advice for the 3 Swallows Hotel in Bankstown. Owned by the Vlandis Group of Hotels, major refurbishments of the hotel premises, including upgrading of emergency fire egresses and the open parking area, were part of its business growth program.

The 3 Swallows Hotel required disabled and wheelchair access into, within and around the building and the parking facilities to comply with Bankstown Council’s disabled access Development Control Plan 2005, and Australian Standards AS1428.1, AS1428.2 and AS2890.1 disabled access design guidelines.

The disabled access assessment report for the 3 Swallows Hotel addressed: 

  • Accessible disabled toilet facilities 
  • Building entry doorways 
  • Continuous paths of travel into the ground floor bar area from the front and side carparking area doorway 
  • Continuous paths of travel within the Hotel’s ground floor bar area and the open car parking area 
  • Continuous path of travel along the open walkway between the disabled parking space in the open carparking area to the side and rear doorways and both street public footpaths to the new main 
  • Directional signs outside the building for wheelchair access to the Hotel’s disabled access entry ramp 
  • Doorway widths and corridor widths 
  • Emergency exit doorways 
  • Floor-ceiling heights along all movement pathways 
  • Lighting illumination levels along the pathways of travel 
  • Ramps, landings and handrails 
  • Stairs, landings and handrails 
  • Tactile ground surface indicators 
  • Wheelchair access and wheelchair user direction signage
  • Walkways and handrails
The disabled and wheelchair access facilities at the 3 Swallows Hotel have proved successful.

Australian Disabled Access Consultants’ disabled access assessment report ensured compliance with the disabled access and wheelchair access guiding principles of the Disabilities Discrimination Act, Australian Standards disabled access and wheelchair access guidelines, and Bankstown City Council’s disabled access and wheelchair access design guidelines for commercial development within the Bankstown locality.